The Importance of Trust:’s Commitment to SOC2, GDPR, and ISO 27001

The Importance of Trust:’s Commitment to SOC2, GDPR, and ISO 27001 Levo’s core value is trust, which drives everything we do. As the digital landscape evolves, trust is becoming more critical than ever. That’s…

Product Release – June 2023

Product release updates – June 2023 We are thrilled to share the exciting updates that has brought to our product in the past quarter. Our dedicated product team has been working hard, delivering new…

Have You Automated Your API Security Testing?

Have You Automated Your API Security Testing? In today’s IoT ecosystem, the rise in cloud-based services and interconnected platforms means a need for APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). APIs enable seamless communication and data exchange between…

Making API Bug Bounties A Breeze!

Ethical Hackers & Pentesters. Cut your bounty hunting time in half and reap more $$$! Check out this Burp extension.

Frictionless API Observability – Webinar

How do you manage attack surfaces across your applications? A key requirement is visibility of your API assets and their underlying JSON structures.

Securing Modern Web Applications

Securing modern web applications is synonymous with securing the underlying APIs used. Learn more in this short video.

Auto OpenAPI Generation

Auto OpenAPI Generation - The Network Doesn't Lie! | Harish Nataraj [LIVE SERIES]

My Intern Experience

As an undergraduate student, a key learning experience to succeed in the career industry is landing an engaging internship.

crAPI: Excessive Data Exposure

Learn more about the API vulnerability called Excessive Data Exposure.

Is Your API Security Vendor Making You Insecure?

Buyer beware! XDR-like API Security solutions will most likely increase your risk of a data breach — and lead to a compliance violation!

API Contract Testing Using Postman

Unlock powerful API Contract Tests by simply leveraging your existing Postman Collections.

API Security Testing Using Postman

Unlock powerful API Security tests using your Postman Collections.

Are Your APIs in AWS API Gateway Robust & Secure?

With secure exporting, importing, and testing steps from AWS to Levo, learn how to use Levo to secure your AWS API Gateway services.

Auto OpenAPI Generation – On Developer Laptops!

Automatically generate OpenAPI specifications by simply browsing your API endpoints on your laptop

crAPI: NoSQL Injection

Learn more about the API vulnerability, NoSQL Injection.

Auto OpenAPI Generation — The Network Doesn’t Lie!

Auto generate OpenAPI specifications in an language/framework agnostic manner via eBPF

crAPI: Mass Assignment

Learn more about the API vulnerability called Mass Assignment

Frictionless API Observability

Take control of API sprawl, and proactively mitigate API risk, by using Levo’s frictionless & privacy-preserving API observability solution!

crAPI: Broken Object Level Authorization

Learn more about the API vulnerability called Broken Object Level Authorization (BOLA/IDOR)

Taking Control of Customer IAM

Levo's eBPF powered API Observability lets you take control of CIAM.

crAPI: Broken User Authentication

Deep dive into the API vulnerability called Broken User Authentication.

Intro to API Security: crAPI

A high level walkthrough of crAPI. crAPI is a vulnerable API driven app to demonstrate common API vulnerability patterns.

Making Security Fun for Developers

crAPI is a vulnerable demo application from the OWASP foundation, that aims to make learning security fun & interactive for developers.

Forever Free API Contract Testing

Levo’s API Contract Testing empowers you to build and maintain resilient APIs, by detecting breaking changes before they hit production!

Introducing Levo’s API Security Assurance

API misconfigurations can lead to disastrous customer data leaks. Levo's API Security Assurance, empowers modern development teams to proactively maintain a robust API security posture.

Supercharge IAM with eBPF

Identity & Access Management (IAM) in APIs is very complex. Supercharge IAM with Levo's eBPF based API Observability solution.

Quick ‘n Easy API Spec Generation

APIs are used almost every day by developers. This involves not just using them but also integrating, reviewing, and doing research. Learn how to quickly generate API specs for your applications.

Test Your APIs For Spring4Shell With

Is your application built using the Spring Framework for Java? Are you worried that your APIs might be vulnerable to the recently discovered Spring4Shell vulnerability? Levo can help.

Application Security Ain’t Complicated

Apply four concepts to simplify your API security journey significantly and make adopting application security much easier.

Forever Free API Security Testing

Levo's freemium identifies sophisticated API vulnerabilities like Horizontal Authorization Abuse, Vertical Authorization Abuse, and Business Logic Abuse. Levo also provides full coverage for OWASP API Top 10.

Empowering Developers to Own API Security

Scaling security coverage in agile companies is only possible by empowering developers to easily discover, triage, and fix such vulnerabilities before they make it to production servers.

Levo in 30 Seconds

Automated security testing of microservices that uncovers sophisticated business logic attacks is a significant gap today. Levo fully automates security testing for Microservices in CI/CD.

Super Charge IAM Observability via eBPF

Mike P, and Harish recently presented at the Silicon Valley IAM User Group, where they spoke about supercharging IAM Observability in API/Microservices environments using eBPF.

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