Auto OpenAPI Generation — On Developer Laptops!

Harish Nataraj
Harish Nataraj

July 08, 2022 · 3 min read



API Observability for Dev Laptops that is forever free.

Use your development laptop to auto-generate OpenAPI specifications for all your REST APIs by utilizing nothing more than your functional API tests.


By Popular Demand — You Asked, We Delivered


In my previous blog post titled Auto OpenAPI Generation — The Network Doesn’t Lie!, I wrote about how auto-discovers and auto-generates OpenAPI specifications for all your REST APIs.

This is done in a frictionless manner by observing pre-production/production traffic via an agent-less and code-less eBPF Sensor.

We got a lot of feedback asking for the same support on developer laptops running OSX and Windows. We delivered!


API Observability for Dev Laptops — Forever Free


We are excited to announce the availability of API Observability for Dev Laptops, which is forever free!

A single Docker Compose installed on your development machine (OSX/Windows) will enable you to auto-discover all your REST APIs and auto-generate OpenAPI specifications for them.

All you need is to run your local API integration tests and point your API client to Levo’s Sensor running on your development machine.


Auto Generate OpenAPI with Sensitive Data Annotations


All APIs exercised on your development machine are auto-discovered, and OpenAPI specifications are auto-generated for them.


Auto Discovered API Catalog


OpenAPI specifications are annotated with sensitive data types (PII, PSI, PHI, etc.)

Auto-Generated OpenAPI Specifications


Privacy Preserving Technology


Ensuring the privacy of your data is paramount. Levo will never ingest your API data into the Levo cloud. You can read more about privacy-preserving features here.

Privacy Preserving Technology
Privacy Preserving Technology


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OpenAPI Auto Generation — Forever Free

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