Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Why do I need Levo?

There is a significant gap in the automated security testing of microservices. Especially among those which uncover sophisticated business logic and access control-based attacks.

Continuous Security Assurance from provides fully automated and effortless (runtime) security testing for Microservices in CI/CD.

What CI/CD environments are supported?

Levo supports all popular CI/CD environments.

How is Levo different from other Application Security Testing tools?

Modern attacks target business logic flaws that arise from sub-optimal authentication and authorization across API endpoints.


AST tools like SCA & SAST statically analyze source code for security defects, but are unaware of authentication & authorization flaws.


DAST tools focus on the runtime but lack adoption due to the significant manual heavy lifting required. Moreover, they are “business logic blind” as they are unable to uncover sophisticated business logic and access control violation attacks.


IAST tools require comprehensive unit test coverage written by developers, and are also “business logic blind”.

Levo is the only purpose-built security solution for APIs & microservices that provides comprehensive detection of both business logic , and OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.

Privacy and Data Processing FAQs

Is my data accessible by anyone outside my organization?

Your data belongs ONLY to you, and is ONLY accessible by members of your organization.

Employee's of Levo DO NOT have access to your data.

What kind of customer data does Levo process and store?
Does Levo store authentication tokens or secrets?

Levo does not ingest or store authentication credentials, tokens or other secrets. All of this remains within your premises. Please see section above for more details.

Is TLS used for all data transmissions?

Yes, TLS is used wherever there is data in motion.

Does Levo SaaS require inbound network connectivity to my datacenter/VPC?

No. Levo's CLI runs within your datacenter/VPC, and makes outbound network connections to Levo SaaS.

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