Levo's Unique Features

Frictionless API Observability

Levo’s frictionless & privacy-preserving API observability solution auto-discovers and auto-documents all your APIs (north-south, east-west, shadow, legacy, rogue, partner, authenticated, unauthenticated, and more).

Instant, codeless and agentless API Observability, powered by eBPF
Continuously updated SBOM for APIs - Services, APIs, Roles, & Scopes
Discover every API in your enterprise, including north-south, east-west, shadow, legacy, rogue, partner, authenticated, unauthenticated, and more
Auto-generate OpenAPI specifications for all your APIs
Track sensitive data flows (PII, PSI, PHI, etc.) in your APIs
Privacy-preserving technology ensures your API data stays within your premises/VPC

Codeless API Contract Testing

API endpoints have a defined schema (a contract), often described in OpenAPI Specification format. The contract allows clients of the API endpoint to interact with it without knowledge of the underlying implementation.

Schema / Contract conformance testing ensures that said contract matches the actual implementation of the API endpoint. Contract testing is a critical tool to detect breaking changes before deployment to production.

Ensure that the API implementation always matches the API contract specified in the OpenAPI / Swagger definition of the API
Prevent breaking changes to your APIs that impacts critical API integrations with your partners, external customers, and internal customers
Test your APIs in isolation without having to stand up full-blown end-to-end testing environments
Plug and play integration for all popular CI/CD platforms
Ship resilient and regression-free APIs to production

Codeless API Security Testing

Don’t wait for your APIs to be attacked. Find and fix vulnerabilities in your APIs with automated security testing in CI/CD.

Auto-generated API security tests that run in CI/CD alongside unit and integration tests
Comprehensive coverage for OWASP API Top 10, Horizontal Authorization Bypass (IDOR / BOLA), Vertical Authorization Bypass (BFLA), and Business Logic Abuse
Codeless automated API testing framework analogous to Postman, Newman, Karate, etc.
Plug and play integration for all popular CI/CD platforms
Ship secure and regression-free APIs to production
Scale API security coverage and reduce costs

Shield-Right Runtime Protection

An API schema defines which API requests are valid, based on several request properties like target endpoint and HTTP method. Schema Validation allows you to check if incoming traffic complies with a previously supplied API schema.

Levo integrates with popular API Gateways, and programs them with appropriate schema validation rules. These rules define which traffic is allowed and which traffic gets logged or blocked.

Eliminate majority of runtime API attacks by enforcing a Positive API Security Model. Protect APIs at runtime, by automatically validating OpenAPI schemas (proper data validation for both inbound and outbound messages)
Auto-generate API schema validation (runtime) rules for all popular API Gateways, including Apigee, Kong, AWS API GW, etc.

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