Our Story

Our Experience

We at Levo are all developers with intimate experience in distributed microservices and APIs. We had worked at cutting edge, agile, fast-growth companies in the Silicon Valley.

Our Challenge

We experienced the challenges firsthand of being fast & secure at the same time.  With 1 security engineer for every 100 developers, we simply could not scale security coverage. There was nothing but pure friction between the dev and security teams!

Our Observations

Existing tools were built for another era! Static code scanning tools, were designed for security professionals, & not capable of finding business logic oriented security flaws. Bug bounty programs while yielding low hanging fruit, were adding significant costs!

Our Mission

Our mission at Levo is to empower developers to effortlessly build secure and resilient apps.

Our Promise

Levo demystifies & democratizes security for developers! Levo is a dev-first & API-first security platform that uses machine learning models to automatically generate security tests (abuser stories and abuse cases, similar to user stories and use cases) that run continuously in CI/CD pipelines.

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